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    Choosing a new designer dog collar? What to look for and what to avoid

    Choosing a new designer dog collar? What to look for and what to avoid
    March 3, 2017 leah boco

    So you’re in the market for a brand new designer dog collar? We often get asked “How do you find the best collar?” Collars are an important way for quickly and easily restraining your dog, while also allowing for easy identification should they become lost.

    They are also about comfort, durability, and for many of us, high stakes fashion, so as a discerning owner you should take the time to choose wisely. Dog lovers are happy to admit they spoil their pooches every day, whether with special treats or playdates or outings to their favourite park, café or beach.

    Choosing a stylish designer dog collar is a natural part of connecting with your best friend and ensuring the perfect balance of craftsmanship and functionality. You’ve probably visited a local dog area and seen a wide range of collars for many dog breeds.

    The team at BOco have put together a few important factors to look for when choosing a dog collar…


    Before you make any decisions, take the time to measure your dog’s neck circumference with a measuring tape. Let the tape fit snugly around their neck without adding too much slack. The right-sized collar is probably the most important purchase you will ever make for your dog.

    If you own a puppy who is still growing, be sure you don’t purchase a dog collar for a future neck size. You still want your collar to fit snugly as loose ones can easily catch on objects and also be grabbed by other dogs when playing.

    Also, a wide or narrow collar will suit different dog breeds, as their body size and fur length will help determine what works best for you and looks good.


    The same goes for colour choice by complementing it with your dog’s coat. Many darker coats can be beautifully offset with a bright collar colour, or lighter coats with more earthy hues.


    Like any purchase you make, there are hundreds of options to choose from both in stores and online, so as a dog owner you can be forgiven for getting confused, especially when it comes to materials and make.

    So how should you decide? Firstly, synthetic collars can rub on your dog’s neck and cause fur loss or skin irritations, so be wary of the texture on the inside of the collar you choose.

    A plastic or laminated material has been known to cause friction on short-haired dogs especially. Chances are these cheaper materials won’t last either and you’ll be back purchasing another collar before you know it.

    Premium, soft leather can be an ideal choice. It provides genuine comfort for your dog and lasts a lot longer than other materials. High-quality leather can also be well looked after with a range of leather care products on the market that are suitable for collars.


    Looking great cruising the city streets or picnicking at the local park can be accentuated with a fashionable accessory for your playful pooch. As passionate dog lovers ourselves, this is what gets us excited.

    BOco collars were born from a desire to create quality, contemporary fashion inspired lifestyle products for our pampered pooches. Our range of on trend colours continue to grow and we’re excited to launch our personal monogramming so you can give your dog that personal touch.

    In the end, your choice of collar comes down to your own style preference after you’ve ensured it’s comfortable, durable and strong enough for all your outdoor adventures.

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