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    Walk in style with these tips for buying a new dog lead

    Walk in style with these tips for buying a new dog lead
    March 21, 2017 leah boco

    Leads are an essential part of owning a dog, even more so for those who live in urban areas and spend a lot of time near busy roads.

    They provide control and safety, and we’re sure many of you know the excited reaction of your dog when you pick it up before a walk.

    Like buying anything online, you’ll suddenly realise that there are hundreds of options to choose from. What material? What length? What colour? How long do they last?

    To make things easy, the BOco team have put on our thinking caps and created a ‘go to guide’ for choosing a premium dog lead.


    There are countless nylon and synthetic leashes on the market that while they serve their purpose, they tend to lose shape, become discoloured and can be uncomfortable in your hand. For the adventurous dog and owner, these less expensive products simply don’t stand up to general wear and tear, forcing you back online or to the local pet store to purchase another lead.

    Premium, well-made leads are typically 100% leather. You may pay a little extra to get a soft leather for your pooch, but it’s definitely more durable and provides a greater sense of security. Just as importantly, leather can more effectively absorb the pressure your dog exerts on the lead, making your walk more enjoyable.


    You may be considering an adjustable or retractable lead for your furry friend, which can provide more freedom at parks and when socialising. However, dog experts have highlighted that the sudden jerking when a dog reaches the end of the lead length can cause neck and shoulder injuries. It’s also important to be aware that the further your dog is away from you, the longer it will take to help them if they’re in any danger.

    You also don’t want a lead which is too short, which we’d say is anything less than 80cm. Your outings could quickly become awkward if you’re forced to bend while walking. We suggest an optimal range of anything between 1.0 – 1.5 metres for your new lead.


    Don’t feel guilty, we know this is an important factor in your decision. If you’re fashion conscious like us, you’ll want to sport a striking lead that makes a statement wherever you go.

    Perhaps you have a black, brown or brindle coated dog and want to offset it with a pastel coloured lead, or maybe a white, yellow or orange coated dog would look great with a darker lead.  Whatever colour you go with, also ensure it matches your existing collar.


    A well-chosen lead is about finding the perfect balance between fashion with functionality – looking great at your local trendy cafe, feeling secure on adventures and knowing you’ve chosen great craftsmanship is what BOco puts into every premium lead.

    BOco leads were born from a desire to create quality, contemporary fashion inspired lifestyle products for our pampered pooches.

    Over the years we’ve found ourselves talking to other owners at dog parks stylish accessories, and the connection they feel from seeing their pooches sport these wears.

    Our range of on trend colours continue to grow. You can currently choose from a selection of 5 striking colours: Rose Quartz, Royal Blue, Aqua Blue, Indian Tan and Black. We’re excited about expanding our product range for those owners who love to spoil their furry friends.


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