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    Exclusive interview with insta babes Winston & Willow

    Exclusive interview with insta babes Winston & Willow
    May 23, 2018 leah boco

    We were super excited to catch up with the super fashionable Winston & Willow this week of insta fame @the.w.pups. And with the help of their clever humum, who speaks fluent dog, we managed to get the low down on their busy insta lives.

    Hi Winston & Willow! We’re are super excited to chat with you. What’s your story? How did you find your human? We found our humum through 2 different paths. I, Winston was a rescue dog. I came from an independent rescue organisation after I was left emaciated with some of my littermates. Mum met me at an adoption day and it was love at first sight. That was almost two years ago now. When mum went to get me a sister – she looked at rescues, but knew she would have to find a dog that would grow as big if not bigger than me, because I like to play big. That’s how we found Willow. Mum went and met Willows litter when they were just four weeks old, and she was going to get a different puppy. However, Willow walked out of the whelping pen and sat right at our mummas feet. She chose us. Soon, when she was 9 weeks old – she came home to us, and since that day we (my sister Willow and I) have slept in the same bed together – even though we don’t really fit anymore hehe.

    You and your mum are quite the fashion stars on Instagram what is the key to your success? Great question, we just love to have fun with it. Make connections and talk to people, find your style and rock it. Funny posts here and there make for a giggle too.

    What are your top tips to aspiring dogs wanting to increase their fan base and WOW on Instagram? Engage with other accounts – leave genuine comments and like photos. Here is a tip we find helpful. Go to a dog on Instagram who has a similar feed to you. Have a look at their followers and see if there are any new accounts you haven’t heard of, then engage with though new account. We like to like 5 photos and leave 2 genuine comments. This pops your account up in their feed and they are more likely to see your page and come over and return the love.

    Apart from being fabulous and avoiding the puparazzi what do you do in your spare time? Oh we love to sleep – and sleep all day haha. The couch, in the sun, on the floor, you name it, we will sleep on it. We also love to look after all our foster siblings that come in through AdoptADane. Our newest foster sister is @Sophie.the.dane

    Winter is just around the corner. What is your favourite accessory to wear in winter? Oh we love to bust out the pastels and soft colour dog collars and leads in Winter. We will surely be rocking our BOco indian tan collars and leads this season. We also love our weatherbeeta dogs coats – they are one of the few coats that fit us.

    And lastly, we have to know what is your favourite food? For dinner we love our grain free salmon savour life kibble. Willow has a lot of allergies and it’s one of the very few things she can eat. Other than that – bust open a peanut butter jar and you will have our full undivided attention. Thanks for chatting with us Winston & Willow. We can’t wait to see some of your new posts!

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