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    Exclusive interview with famous Instagram pooch Millie

    Exclusive interview with famous Instagram pooch Millie
    October 4, 2017 leah boco

    BOco has been following the rise of Instagram “It dog” Millie for quite a while now. With over 13k followers @millie_thegolden16, she certainly has some fans out there. But we never thought we’d get the chance to interview her face-to-snout. With the help of her very clever owner who speaks fluent Millie, we managed to translate her answers.


    Hi Millie! We’re are super excited to chat with you. What’s your story? How did you find your humans? I’m a very lucky pup. I found my humans last year when they came to visit me and my sisters! It was such an exciting day, all the other pups were sleeping but I was playing with my favourite toy and when I saw them, I just knew they would pick me! A few weeks later they came to take me to my new home and we have been inseparable ever since! They started taking photos of me right from day one, so I’m pretty good at posing for the camera. You are quite the IT girl on Instagram what is the key to your success? Thank you ️I try to always look fabulous! I think just being me, and sharing my photos that show my personality and my fun adventures. I also love to follow other pups and keep up with their fun adventures too because it’s a great way to make new friends and find new fun places to go. I also love seeing all the new treats and toys that are launched…it only takes a cute-needy look from me and it arrives a few days later! That’s a also good tip for any other up-and-coming dog influencers out there . Connect with a range of brands and not just dog accessories – like lifestyle products, interior design and sportswear – so if you become popular they might want you to appear on their page! What are your top tips to aspiring dogs wanting to increase their fan base and WOW on Instagram? My top tips would be:

    1. Colour colour colour! The brighter the better (my easter bunny pics were a big hit!)
    2. Get to know your human and doggo fans, every dog has their own wonderful story and it’s wonderful to engage in conversations with them and their owners and make friends all around the world.
    3. Think outside the box and get your humans to capture you being weird and wonderful to show of your little quirks that make you, you! That’s what will make you stand out!

    Apart from being fabulous and avoiding the puparazzi what do you do in your spare time? I have a very busy schedule but every day is a new adventure! I really love to visit my other fluffy friends for a play in my spare time. My absolute favourite game of all time is to steal their sticks and make them chase me around the yard. I also love a good ruff and tumble. I also have my very own clam shell pool and because it’s so hot where I live, my humans throw ice blocks into the water and I can dig and play and swim all day! But like most dogs, the best thing is when I get to snuggle up to my humans at the end of a long day! Summer is just around the corner. What is your favourite accessory to wear in summer? Well, I’m not too much of an accessory pup, but my number one is my beautiful BOco designer collar and designer lead – both are perfect for any time of the year! It not only looks great but is super comfy around my fluffy neck. And lastly, we have to know what is your favourite food? This one is easy… everything humans eat! But if I really had to pick one or two, I would say peanut butter (yum yum!) and a nice crisp apple. Thanks for chatting with us Millie. We can’t wait to see some of your new posts!

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