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    The BOco Face of Summer competition

    The BOco Face of Summer competition
    October 16, 2017 leah boco

    There isn’t a better time of year to be a dog owner – the warmer, sunnier days are ideal for long walks, picnics in the park and taking photos of our furry friends looking their absolute best!

    So get your cameras ready, because BOco is calling all Australian canine beauties great and small to be the Face of BOco Summer. Everyone knows their own pup is the cutest going around, but are you ready to put it out there for everyone to see? Can your dog blue steel, pout like a pro or strut the dogwalk? BOco’s world famous judging panel (see their credentials below) will be choosing two super lucky furbabies – one girl and one boy – to be the Face of BOco Summer. Each winner will receive:

    • 4 BOco Designer Collars
    • 4 BOco Designer Lead Sets
    • 4 BOco Charms
    • 1 month subscription to an (an awesome monthly delivery to your instagram account of all your dog’s needs)

    Plus the winners will also be featured regularly on our social media pages and in our promotional and advertising campaigns. So lights, camera, action …. get your entries in as this competition is closing on Wednesday November 1.

    Our celebrity judging panel has been announced and we’re excited to introduce them today!

    Hi I am Missy and I am Creative Director at BOco Australia. Being a mature women with a curvy body I am looking for that an inner shine and confidence that radiates with age and grace. It doesn’t matter if you are 9 months or 6 if you’ve got it, you’ve got it. So don’t think you have to be a puppy to enter, as to me this competition is all about the creativity, poise and attitude you bring to the pawtee!

    Hi I am Bo and I am Production Director at BOco Australia. What I am looking for in is PAWSONALITY. I want the gals to show me some sass and the boys a little cheek. I am an outdoorsy kinda guy so a sporty edge would certainly catch my eye!

    Hi I am Harlow from @bentleythefrenchiewa fame and I am looking for a certain je ne sais quoi! My style inspiration is Coco Chanel who once said you “… should be two things: classy and fabulous” and I could not agree more. So pop like pink champagne and show me why you should be the Face of BOco Summer!

    Hi I am Bentley from @bentleythefrenchiwa fame and I am looking for that suave and stylish someone with curb appeal. People often tell me I have the looks of Zac Efron, the physique of Liam Hemsworth and the personality of Tyrion Lannister. So if you think you are a triple threat like me then show me what you’ve got.

    We don’t think you’ll find 4 more gorgeous or clever judges anywhere in Australia. With so many celebrity dogs out there these days, we know a lot of proud owners will be planning professional photoshoots over the next two weeks. We can’t wait to see the entries and share them with dog lovers across Australia!

    Here are the all important T&Cs for our awesome Instagram competition.

    ✔ Tag us @bocoaustralia with the hashtag #thefaceofBOcosummer in the description and tell us why you would love to be selected as our next top model

    ✔ Tag us in 3-5 images showcasing your best photos using the hashtag: #thefaceofBOcosummer

    ✔ Make sure you follow us @bocoaustralia, and give this post a like

    ✔ Share with your friends & get them to support you or enter themselves

    ✔ You must have an active, public instagram account to be eligible

    ✔ This is open to Australian residents

    ✔ You give permission for us to use the imagery across our promotional & advertising activity

    ✔ High resolution & high quality imagery must also be provided by email if you are selected

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